Thursday, 2 October 2008

Todays Media Lesson With Ms Hammond

In today’s lesson, in the first two lessons we watched a video on YouTube about different sort of camera shots and different effects you can add to video’s. It was a good video and helped me understand different camera movement’s shots and techniques.
We then went onto a piece of software called CeltX and we had to find out how to use it and decide weather it is good for students to use for creating scripts and plays. In lesson 3 & 4 we had to create a presentation on the software showing what you can do on it, and how it can be used in schools to help students.
Also write about the different benefits to using the software, for example easy to use and understandable.

I found the task quite easy, but the program wasn't easy to use, if you're not computer literate then you will find it hard to use.

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